Product details of ZVIZZER ALL-ROUNDER PAD 140 / 125MM ORANGE – MEDIUM Pad

  • The pad is designed for use with rotary and double action or orbital polishing machines.
  • It is built in 2 layers of foam, where the layer in contact with the paint is a high quality cross-linked open cell foam. The thin layer of foam between the primary foam layer and the polishing machine is made of a special type of foam / rubber.
  • Ensures good compensation and weight distribution. When polishing with a DA machine, it reduces vibrations and prevents the polish from passing through the foam and up to the velcro. The middle hole reduces the impact of heat, which often focuses on the middle and deforms the disc.
  • Trapezoidal shapes mean you get a slightly larger outside diameter. This is an advantage over the double action polisher. But also the rotary machine, since the disc can be tilted towards an edge, at the same time as the disc flexes.
  • Helps with weight compensation, especially with dual-action machines, so the disc is in constant rotation.
  • Reduces vibrations and smoothes polish
  • Prevents polishes from rising through the foam, destroying the velcro

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