Product details of ZVIZZER DOODLE WOOL BLACK 135MM

  • When we polish, we want to see results. We would like to level the varnish to remove scratches quickly but still get a good finish in one step. With a good technique, we can use this pad obtaining perfect results with a very high cut!
  • ZviZZer has its HC 4000 in its setup, which is known to be a superb cutting polish with a great result. Perfect for this pad!
  • Wool pad with a total height of 25 mm
  • Made for rotary polisher It
  • can make a cut of maximum aggressiveness and a good finish combined mainly with HC 4000
  • When working with this pad, we recommend that you use it in passes with a maximum duration of 90 seconds, making sure to keep the pad clean at all times. Use compressed air to clean the pad between each pass.
  • It begins by distributing the product at a low speed, and then progressively increases the speed to approximately half or a maximum of 2/3 of the maximum speed of the machine. We will work the polish for 40 seconds and we will reduce the speed to half the capacity of the polisher and we will continue working for 20 or 30 more seconds.
  • With a good practice of this technique we can achieve an extreme cut with a finish without holograms

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